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Changing Trainer name affect Global Link?


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Howdy all!

I've been looking around for help with this, but I haven't been able to find anything (maybe I'm looking in the wrong place). Anyway, my wife started playing Pokemon Moon and carelessly forgot to capitalize her name. It's a bit of an annoyance for her, but she's in pretty far and doesn't want to start over now. If I were to correct this with PKHeX, would it affect Global Link? Would I need to get her a new game sync ID, TID, & SID? Also, does anyone know if the change would be reflected on Global Link? 

The only thing I can think to do right now is make a backup of her save, start a new game with the correct name to get a new game sync ID, TID, & SID, then copy the new info to her original save, delete the game from Global Link, then re-sync the game. I'd also have to change the TID & SID on all her pokemon. If there's a simpler way, please let me know. Thanks a bunch!

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