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"Problem with a pokemon in your team"


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Hi Guys,

I have an issue...

I'm unable to link battle using some of my previous gen Pokemon that i have created for Moon, I'm able to use them in the game, but when i link battle it wont let me use them and i receive an error message, i've checked moves, locations..bla bla bla, the PKHex version i'm using doesn't flag a problem with them, only with Gen 7 Legality.

I'm using a MAC version without winebottler, does anyone have an update for MAC?


Does anyone have an idea why they wouldn't be able to be used in a link battle when i can use them in my Pokemon Y.

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But pokebank have said that they will enable previous Gen Pokemon to be sent over to sun/moon in their next update... but that wont change met location and stats will it... so sun/moon must have the capability to accept previous gen Pokemon... it must already be enabled in its code... so why cant i Gen them??

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In response to your latest reply, I'm going to point out something from your original post that you yourself mentioned, then expand on it.

On 05/01/2017 at 3:35 AM, Philbo said:

but when i link battle it wont let me use them and i receive an error message

Link battle, which typically means connecting to Nintendo's Servers.

It's the server itself that stops previous generation Pokemon from being used, because they haven't implemented Pokemon Bank compatibility with Sun and Moon,
Hence the logic of the server is "it's impossible for this player [you] to have previous generation Pokemon because we have yet to add the support,
better stop this player [you] from going online".

This is not something that we can circumvent, because it's a server block.
Just be glad that they didn't decide to permanently ban you for using Pokemon that is impossible during normal gameplay at this point in time.

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