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Pokémon Sinnoh Adventures Remastered

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Hey. I'm currently doing a hack for Pokemon Black 2 which will include the whole Sinnoh region, Pokemon, trainers etc. Something like Pokemon Platinum in Gen 5.

Main Features (all the features will be listed later)

  • story, characters and locations from Pokémon Platinum (+ some characters from other regions ;))
  • National Pokédex from the beginning
  • Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova are obtainable
  • moves and abilities from generation 5
  • boosted weaker Pokémon stats, moves and abilities
  • "improved" some bad or annoying things from Platinum :)
  • increased difficulty
  • some things have been added, replaced or removed - no GTS, Pokétch replaced with C-Gear, Battle Frontier with PWT etc.


It will probably take a few years to finish this hack. I'll just hope that there will be more tools for editing gen 5 roms, so I could do it quicker.

Why I'm doing this hack?

Pokemon White 2 is my favourite Pokemon game of all time. But I like Sinnoh more than Unova. But as we all know 4th gen games (especially D/P and not so much but still Platinum) are slooow (compared to 5th gen), so I don't like playing them. But I still love the region and the story. So I want to play them with the 5th game engine and graphics.



Other stuff

Please let me know if you like the idea of this hack :D If anyone would want to help me, please write to me :) 


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