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Picking a way to get started


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Hey wow I got an account for this. 

Hello! I've been using PKHeX for a while, but I've avoided officially doing anything homebrew out of paranoia. Now that my warranty's over and Gen 7 is out, I figured I might as well give it a shot. Up until now I've been using a Japanese DS and copy of X, which has worked out nicely. However, from what I've read in their update log (I think, my Japanese is basically nonexistent), the Cyber Gadget does not support Sun and Moon yet, and may not for some time. Ideally if someone can confirm this one way or another, I can just get a Japanese copy of Moon if I interpreted this wrong and call it a day. 

If not, though, which is what I suspect will be the case, I'll have to install homebrew, which leads to the second part of my post: 

I have absolutely no idea how to get started. Not because there aren't any good tutorials -- because there are too many. I have the means to pull off the OOTHax method, but the tutorial for it doesn't cover getting PXHeX itself onto your DS (if this is even necessary for homebrew??? the videos were unclear). Another tutorial talks about homebrew like it's a downloadable application and uses Ninjhax, another one talks like PKHeX is just straight up a part of the homebrew channel's software, which is extremely misleading, another seems to indicate it's some sort of website and uses the QR method, requiring old firmware that I can't un-update back to without potentially bricking my system... there's about eighty methods that talk about each step like it's a completely different thing, and I'm lost. 

TLDR: Does the Cyber Gadget, if anyone here actually uses it, support Sun and Moon? And if not, how can I go about installing homebrew on my 3DS? 

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On 1/3/2017 at 5:21 PM, PokemonForDummies said:

I just made an account for this as well. Basically I'm a newb to this stuff and I'm not tech savvy whatsoever. Could someone sometime give me a brief overview on how to hack pokemon for in game purposes? I'm big into breeding but it doesn't seem necessary for trivial ones caught solely for flame body/hatching...


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