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Transferring from Old Generations to Gen 6


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It says that in this post,

that using PKHeX, we can transfer pokemon from old versions to gen 6. Can I transfer directly from 3 then going to 6 without having problems in legality? or i need to do steps 3->4->5->6?



So now I confirmed that I can directly transfer by skipping other gens. But I think I encountered a possible bug? 

Generation 3 to 6


As we can see here, there is no egg met condition given, is this okay? (Ninjask was hatched from egg)

Generation 4 to 6


Here I think worked alright, because the egg met conditions were retained and the met location was properly set as Poke Transfer.

Generation 5 to 6



In the two images above, we can see that the Met info was just copied and not modified.

PS: The pokemons shown are not Pokegened nor PKHeXed, they are all RNGed.


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Im curious about the Gen 5 to 6 transfer, is the met location and met date supposed to be modified like it is in other generations?

Also from reading (researching online) isnt the met location should be set to region the pokemon is from? What determines when its set to the region versus Poke Transfer?

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The Poké Transfer thing was my mistake, see the other thread about that.

As for Gen. III, it doesn't have egg met conditions, only met location. As such it doesn't have any egg met conditions info when transferred to later Gens (As for Gen. IV eggs, I don't have one right now so I can't confirm, I'm not sure if their egg met conditions info gets retained when transferred to Gen. V.)

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