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news Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Confirmed Information

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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Confirmed Information

In order to keep clutter under control, use this thread to post anything you discover in the course of playing the games, or things you find in publications. The reviews in Famitsu said there are little surprises in the story line, but if you feel there is something worth sharing (something that is new, or something that still exists from GSC that we didn't know about), you can share it here.

If you care about spoilers, consider this entire thread to be spoilers.

Please keep in mind, this thread is for CONFIRMED information only. Please keep all speculation discussion in the speculation thread.


Confirmed Information from Pre-Release Publications

(Newer info in italics)

Here are the things that have been confirmed so far (some of them are obvious).

- Remakes of Gold and Silver

- Generation IV game (same graphic style as DPP)

- Release Date in Japan: Sept 12, 2009

- Ken Sugimori has made new artwork for the Pokémon featured in GS


- Original boy character received a slight redesign, and there is a new girl character (possibly loosely based on the Crystal girl character)

- The character not chosen fills a support role in the game (similar to DPP)

- The Rival reappears in the remakes and has also received a slight redesign

- Prof. Elm is the main Professor of this game who gives you your starting Pokémon.

- Team Rocket is the main antagonist team.

- Eusine from Pokémon Crystal appears in HGSS and is searching for Suicine.

- Your mother will buy items for you from time to time if you choose the option to send her a small portion of what you earn in battles. When she has bought something, she'll call you on the PokéGear phone.

- The Kimono girls are present and you will encounter them a few times in your journey. They will encounter Team Rocket at at least one point. They also seem to have some kind of secret... (so it says)

System and Tools

- The PokéGear received a redesign and more closely resembles a cell phone

- The PokéGear comes in two colors: Blue for boys, pink for girls.

- The PokéGear has a phone, radio, and the map, which you can add memos to.

- Most menus (at least Pokémon, Bag, and Pokémon Boxes) can be operated by the touch screen, or by using the X and A buttons.

- Your running shoes have a toggle button on the touch screen and two key items can be registered in addtion.

- The ItemFinder looks a lot more like an actual radar.

- Apricorns will be present in seven colors (as in GSC) and in trees. The trees produce one Apricorn every day. They are kept in a Case key item.

- Kurt in Azalea town will make Pokeballs out of Apricorns. These seven varieties were present in GSC, but not Gen III or DPP.

- Apricorns can also be used with a Shaker key item to make drinks for your Pokemon. These drinks will increase their stats for the Pokéthlon/Poké-athalon.

- New Pokeballs types: Lure Ball, Level Ball, Moon Ball, Heavy Ball, Speed Ball (Fast Ball in English... this ball originally worked well on Pokemon who normally flee battle, but the HGSS official site merely says they work well on Pokemon who have high Speed), Friend Ball, Love Love Ball (Love Ball in English).

- The same types of Berries from DPP will be in HGSS, but it is not clear how they will be found in-game (most likely at the trees that produced berries in GSC). It has been revealed that they can at least be found through the PokeWalker.

- Instead of planting the Berries in the ground in Johto, Berries can be planted and grown in one of four pots in a portable Berry Planter key item.

- At least some locations will feature an introduction screen (similar to FRLG) but done in 3D graphics.

- The machine from which you you choose your starting Pokémon is done in 3D graphics.

- Many Pokémon Gyms have been redesigned with new features.

- After defeating the Elite Four, you can travel to the Kanto region by boat. Later in the game it is possible to travel between Kanto and Johto via Magnet train (which bears a striking resemblance to Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains.

- A new area called the Pokéthlon Dome (Poké-athalon, essentially) will be present. The Pokéthlon is a collection of touch-screen based mini games which are based on a new set of stats including Speed, Power, Technique, Stamina, and Jump.

- Confirmed Pokéthlon games so far are called: Dash Battle (Hurdles), Ring-out Fight (Sumo?), Shooting Snow (snowball fight), Bound Field, Change Relay, Break Block, and Push Circle (you get different points for being inside a certain circle). There are three more "Coming soon" slots in this section on the main site.

- A guy named Kejime shows you the ropes.

- You get Thlon Points (not kidding) for winning events. You can use these points to buy items, including one called a Data Card which can record various things (not sure what, just yet).

- You can also play the Pokéthlon games in 4-player Local Wireless.

- There is a new Safari Zone open in Johto, and it is accessed by a cave near Cianwood City.

- There are six areas in this Safari Zone, and you can use a computer terminal to customize the layout of the six areas. You can also send your custom Safari Zone to your friends.

- Customizing also changes Pokemon encounters.

- There is now a Battle Frontier in Johto, where the Battle Tower was in Crystal. It appears to be identical to the Frontier in Platinum in order to be compatible with the multiplayer functions. However, there is a new "Frontier Front" (main entrance area). There are various facilities in the Frontier Front, including move tutors! You can use your BP from the Frontier to buy the services of these tutors.

- The Bug Catching Contest is also present. At the National Park on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you can compete against five other competitors in order to catch the best Bug type Pokemon using Konpe Balls (as in "Competition"). Prizes are awarded.

- The Global Terminal from Platinum will be in HGSS, in Goldenrod City.

- The Wi-Fi Plaza will also be present in HGSS.

- Nintendo's site says that HGSS will be compatible with the GBA games (but not with a DSi, of course), but there have been no announcements regarding a Pal Park yet (however, it is likely).


- Starting Pokémon are the Johto starters: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile

- The games feature the legendary Pokémon, Lugia and Ho-oh, which can be caught at level 45.

- The games also feature the legendary roaming trio of Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, which can be caught at level 40.

- The Red Gyarados does still appear at the Lake of Rage at level 30.

- Any Pokémon can follow you around as you walk around. You can check their happiness and they will sometimes pick up items.

- Kyogre can be caught in HeartGold, and Groudon can be caught in SoulSilver (after the Elite Four). If both are present on the same game, Rayquaza can be caught. All three are encountered at level 50, in rooms that have floor patterns similar to the designs on their bodies. No word on WHERE these rooms are,t hough.

In-Game Events

- If one trades the event Pikachu-colored Pichu from DPP to HGSS it will activate an in-game event featuring the Jagged-ear Pichu from the anime and it will join your party. Jagged-ear Pichu does not evolve and cannot be traded.

- If one trades the event Movie Arceus from DPP to HGSS and takes it to the Ruins of Alph, a path will open to the Shinto Ruins (not Shinto as in Japanese religion, but Shinto as in Shinno + Johto... it's possible it will be translated to Sinto Ruins to match the English translation of Sinnoh). At the Shinto Ruins you will meet Cynthia and can choose to receive a level 1 Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina. Dialga will know Metal Burst, Palkia will know Hydro Pump, and Giratina will know Shadow Sneak.

- If one trades the Night Sky Jirachi to HGSS, it will unlock a new route on the PokéWalker, The Edge of the Night Sky.

- Mystery Gift will be in HGSS, similar to how it is in DPP.

- The first HGSS Mystery Gift event will be via wi-fi distribution. From Sept. 18th to Nov. 10th, players can download a Course Map for the Yellow Forest which will unlock this new course on the PokéWalker. This course features Pikachu as the encounterable Pokémon and some may possible know special moves (a Pikachu with balloons is seen in the official site's image of this event, so it's possible that Fly could be a special move). See below for more info on the PokéWalker.


- An external pedometer device called the PokéWalker will be released with the games. You can transfer one Pokémon at a time (via infrared built into the cartridge) to the PokéWalker and it will receive experience points (similar to the Day Care Center) as well as happiness while you walk (or shake it).

- As you walk, you build up "watts" which can be used to play mini games such as Poketch (where you battle and catch wild Pokémon), or ItemFinder (where you try to find items). You can send these Pokémon and items to your HGSS game, but the Walker can only hold up to a maximum of three Pokémon and three items at a time. The Pokémon and items you encounter vary by the route you choose to walk on. New courses can be unlocked by achieving different things like walking a certain number of steps.

- Pokémon caught with the Walker will have the location memo "met at level whatever at the PokéWalker."

- GSC Mystery Gift returns on the PokéWalker: If you communicate by infrared with another friend's PokéWalker, your Pokémon meet each other and exchange items. You can only do this with the same friend once per day. The Walker can hold up to 10 Mystery Gift items before you have to send them to the HGSS game.

- The game records a record of your activity on the PokéWalker (like encounters and steps, etc) in a diary when you send your Pokémon back to the HGSS game.

- This device is similar to the Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS device that was released with the original Gold and Silver games.

- There's a hook cradle that you can use to hook the Walker onto your belt or wherever.

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A small bit of info from Pokemon Sunday on Sept. 6th, the last show before the release of the game.

Pokemon Sunday had a walkthrough of the first part of the game, among other things. Junichi Masuda was present, and he pointed out what I found to be the most interesting thing of the day: When you're near water, it makes water noise. Pretty neat aesthetic stuff.

Also, you get the Running Shoes from the guy who gives you the tour of the city (he usually gives you the Map card after the tour), but fear not, cause he gives you the Map Card as you begin to leave that city. And it was shown that you can get the Apricorn Case from the man who lives just south of Mr. Pokemon.

Also, Masuda pointed out quite clearly that the Flying Pikachu in the Yellow Forest picture was a hint at the special move that Pikachu in that route could know. So... pretty sure it's safe to say that there will be Flying Pikachu there.

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if you have the movie 11th shaymine someone in goldenroid

gives you the glacidea flower supposedly same thing for the platinum cought shaymine two...

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Seems like no one else knows this yet, so I'll post it.

These features are currently only available in Japanese and to Pokemon Fan Club members. We will most likely see password generators on filb's site eventually.

-Wallpaper passwords return. Two have been released so far (3 Starters and Pikachu-colored Pichu with Jagged-ear Pichu). This time you give the passwords to the reporter named Hajime Oniisan (older brother) in the Pokemon Center in Violet City. An interesting thing is that this time the box wallpapers are also available to download as wallpapers for your ACTUAL PC in the form of jpgs.

- Three quizzes will be held by Hajime on the Fan Club's site. The first one has begun, the second is in October, and the third is in November. After answering the question correctly, you enter your trainer ID and get another password. These passwords can be used to get a special Pokemon Egg from Hajime.

My first egg was a Mareep. I don't know if they're set or random or if they know any special moves, but I'll keep you updated.

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