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Which starter did you select?


Who was your starter?  

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  1. 1. Who was your starter?

    • Rowlet
    • Litten
    • Popplio

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So I finally picked up the game after some badgering from a couple of PP friends. I'm sure some of these starters originally did not get popular reception, but which one did you pick and did you enjoy playing with it?

I'm personally not done with the game yet as I am still at the beginning of 4th Island, but I picked Popplio, and I guess I can say it has not disappointed me yet. It was not too great early on, but from my experience it became obscenely strong after progressing through the game, particularly against that disgustingly overpowered Mimikyu Totem. My only problem is it is taking a little too much damage from even resisted hits if it is physical. Thankfully its defensive typing is strong, otherwise it would not be taking hits well.

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I picked Rowlet, since a Grass/Flying starter seemed cool.  I keep wondering if I should have chosen Popplio since it looks pretty cool too (maybe next playthough), but Rowlet has been pretty dependable.  Decidueye's Spirit Shackle is pretty cool too, albeit a bit scary after reading the description.

Until getting Decidueye, I kept wondering if it was redundant catching Pikipek, but after one loom it became my favorite bird Pokemon and I couldn't resist.

(And I'm still on the third island.)

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Yeah the owl is a cool mon and was going to be my first pick, but I am traditionally Water person and Primarina was just too pretty to not take. I might probably start with the owl if I get Sun version. I personally thought it was very strange to turn into a Ghost type after evolution. They have been liberally giving Ghost typing to everything, that it just became a joke amongst my friends that anything "sneaky" is now Ghost. But I do not object: it is one of the cooler ones I guess so I want to try it out at some point. But looking through the game I cannot imagine it to be easy playing it. It does have some sort of advantage typing wise however early on from what I have been seeing.

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4 hours ago, wraith89 said:

But looking through the game I cannot imagine it to be easy playing it. It does have some sort of advantage typing wise however early on from what I have been seeing.

Yeah, the 4th, 5th, and 6th trials were particularly hard on Dartrix because of the Flying typing.  The 4th trial was the worst since none of my Pokemon were really strong against Fire.  Rockruff (or was it already Lycanroc at that point - it's hard to remember) was super-effective but couldn't last the entire time  That might have been the battle where I won when Magikarp (my last Pokemon) used tackle.  Since then that Magikarp evolved and started being useful (and is pretty scary when feeding it with Pokemon Refresh - it eats Pokebeans in two bites while all others use 3, including Magneton, which doesn't even have a mouth; the bean just disappears).

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I went with Litten this time. I usually pick the grass starter. I go back to Red and Blue versions (20 years ago) and my first pokemon was Bulbasaur. Since then, I've usually went with the grass type (excluding Snivy - didn't like it, though I love Serperior lol).

I'm on the third island at the moment and I have Incineroar, Espeon, Snorlax (evolved from the Munchlax event) and Alolan Ninetales with me. I think the team is pretty balanced, though I need a water type, but Incineroar has massive physical damage output. It completely wrecked the Mimikyu totem with one attack (Darkiest Lariat).

I haven't played with the other starters yet, but I got a Popplio through wonder trade with a modest nature. I haven't started training it yet, so I don't know what Primarina is like.

Overall, I'm liking the game so far. Its way better than ORAS. I especially loved the reference to Team Rocket and the nugget bridge battles to get the prize at the end (flash back to my childhood)

How do you guy like it?

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