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How do i get my As save file (no homebrew)


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15 minutes ago, NewbyAsian said:

It would be so nice it there was a PC-based decryption software to output the save. You can't edit it without a save data filer, it's encrypted... sadly :(  

There is one decryption method on the PC, but it requires powersaves:

I mean, to be fair, ignoring digital version of the game (I frankly have no idea how that save is handled,
but even if you could decrypt the save from the SD card, without CFW/homebrew you won't be able to change/remove the securevalue stored in the 3DS Nand anyway)

How does one extract the save out of the cart for a cart2 type save (stored in rom, not in special ram/save chip) without external hardware?
Plus I'm partially convinced most decryption methods for cart2 saves are server based,
as they probably have a 3DS linked up to the server that does the decryption for them.

So with:
1. Inability to extract saves without Homebrew/CFW
2. And if you don't want to pay, no access to extracting saves without external hardware
3. Inability to inject modified save with Powersaves
4. Inability to inject modified save to digital version of game due to secure value in nand (in a hypothetical scenario digital version game save could be decrypted and encrypted without CFW/homebrew)

With the 4 points above, it is almost pointless to have a constantly developed and maintained PC decryption tool,
since there is no way to inject the save back in without CFW or Homebrew.

[Almost pointless, but not entirely pointless, because it could help people in a scenario like mine:

When this tool was developed, not everyone could inject saves, (or extract saves).
It was when Gateway came out, when Devmenu was just leaked,
I couldn't use savedatafiler to extract my save (different save type) so I could use powersaves and the tool to grab my save, decrypt it, and inject it into my Gateway, but once again, I had an injection method.

The tool was only useful to people with injection methods or wanted to view their files.]

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