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PKHeX Bug Report


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Dont know wheter im stupid or this is actually a bug:

I open PKHeX --> Click on "Zygarde Cells"-Button --> Click "Give All" and set the Total from 53 to 100 --> Export the main to my 3DS --> Import it via JKSM in 3DS


Then I open my bag inside Pokemon, switch to Key items, click on the Zygarde Cube and choose the second option it says:

"You have collected 53/100 Zygarde-Cells. At the moment you got 100 in your Cube" (Game is German, translation probably not 100% correct)


Is it possible, that there are three "register" in the save

(A) knowing, how often you actually triggered somthing by picking up a cell (53/100 in my case)

(B) knowing, the spots where you've collected a cell (after PKHeX all flagged in my case)

(C) knowing, how much cells one got overall just in this moment? (100 in my case)


And if you choose to "Give All" in PKHeX it just updates (B) and with "Total:" you change (C), but you will never affect (A) ?

I know it might be kinda hard to understand but im sure most of you will.

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On 12/14/2016 at 6:22 AM, ScriptJester said:

"You have collected 53/100 Zygarde-Cells. At the moment you got 100 in your Cube"

In case you didn't know, it's possible to break down other Aura Break Zygarde you received from trades into cells, hence why it's possible to have more cells than what you found.

Let me explain how this works:


(1) Indicates whether the cell at that specific location has been collected.
(2) Shows how many of (1) + cores has been collected. In reality the game doesn't count the number of (1)'s collected; they just increase the counter by 1 whenever one is collected in-game. As a result, if not done correctly, there can be a mismatch between (1) and (2)
(3) This counts how many Cells you have left in your cube. Ones that you used to form a Zygarde is deducted from here, and ones you receive from breaking down a Zygarde gets added to here.

13 hours ago, djfnjxj said:

in pokemon oras when i giving ultra balls {legendaries} from pkhex when i get into the game the pkhex removing my medical items {potions heals revives and more} and put some items in a different category

Sounds like you are talking about ORAS PKHeX editing bag bug.
Wait for an update. This has been reported multiple times already.

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