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When submitting new NEWS thread and content:
1. provide original source full link  (I can't stress this enough; I need to go to the page to verify the details. plus, that site may post updates back in the same page)
2. Give crucial details, at least the Pokemon, physical location, and start and end dates.

any news post and event description page will likely have this summary format:

 Species   Tapu Koko 
 Nickname   (default, save lang) 
 OT   Melemele 
 TID   170714 
 Distribution   Serial Code 
 Location   a lovely place 
 Dates   Whatever dates 
 PID   Shiny PID 
 Games   SM 
  Cherish Ball Lv. 60  
 Nature   Timid 
 Ability   Electric Surge (1) 
 Item    Electric Seed 
 Bundled Item   None 
  Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)
  Nature's Madness Nature's Madness   Discharge Discharge
  Agility Agility   Electro Ball Electro Ball
  WC ID 613: 「Power up with Shiny Tapu Koko!」's receiving text
0x2C Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.

Most of the details in the summary above is a no brainer.
However, I'll like to bring everyone's attention to new details added.

  1. Region symbol. Denotes what game it was received it      (or origin game that GF intends to spoof):
    pentagon.png X/Y/Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
    clover.png Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
    gb.png VC Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal
    pgo.png Pokemon Go
    Any game not in above list, will not have an icon.

    note: most wonder cards are set to "game received", and rarely forces it. Based on legality, I'll force the appropriate icon in the summary
  2. Guaranteed or Set IVs:
    Moving entries, (count the Reds)  [if you don't see it moving, make sure your Firefox/Chrome/Safari is on latest update]
    mewiv.png 5 Guaranteed 31 IVs (AFAIK only used by VC Mew)
    3iv.png 3 Guaranteed 31 IVs
    2iv.png 2 Guaranteed 31 IVs

    Non-moving entries:
    ivbase.png All IVs random
    Any non-moving RED icon means it's Set to 31 in that slot.
    Any non-moving BLUE icon means it has a Set IV in that slot (but isn't 31)
    Any blank icon in non-moving image, means it's random.  

    Aas seen in the example below,
    HP < 31, ATK random, DEF random, S.ATK random, S.DEF random, SPE 31

    Example of Pokemon with different IV combinations:
    Saori's Machamp has 31 in ATK, rest Random.
    Ash's Greninja has 3 IVs Set to 31, and 3 set to lower values.
    Hyadain's Landorus has 4 IVs set to 31, and 2 set to lower values. (additionally, it's forced to be JPN with JPN nickname)
    Lillie's Alolan Vulpix has all random IVs (additionally, it has a JPN nickname, but language of Pokemon isn't forced to JPN ; unlike Hyadain's Landorus)
    PGL Pikachu has 2 Guaranteed 31 IVs.
    Iris's Axew has Speed IV set to 31.
    Movie '13 Genesect has 31 IVs in Attack and Speed.
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