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Ash's Greninja legality


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On 2016-12-08 at 6:13 PM, theSLAYER said:

As usual,

Pkhex doesn't automatically have the wonder card data, hence it shows that.

Hi there. quick question. Is it intended that the Ash greninja have a static PID?

The wondercard from your db keeps giving 8994A7D9 as a pid

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To be precise,

The Greninja has it's PID written the moment it's received from Demo.
(based on my personal experience; you'll see the other languages have different PID,
though they were sent from the same Demo save, with language tweaked,
and Greninja wonder card language is set by save language of the demo)

Also, Falo checked through the code for the Demo,
and the Demo itself Shiny Locks Greninja:



Greninja wondercard code uses these as init value:


  greninja.Key = 33; //Fixed
  greninja.Key_Flag = 0;
  greninja.PokemonID = -1; //Random
  greninja.PokemonID_Flag = 1;  // Never Shiny
  greninja.TrainerID = 0x79F57B49; //Fixed
  greninja.TrainerID_Flag = 0;
  greninja.MonsNo = 658;
  greninja.FormNo = 1;
  greninja.Level = CurrentLevel;  // 36 or 37
  greninja.IvHp = 20;
  greninja.IvDef = 20;
  greninja.IvSpDef = 20;
  greninja.Nature = 0;
  greninja.IvAtk = 31;
  greninja.IvSpAtk = 31;
  greninja.IvSpeed = 31;
  greninja.Gender = 0;
  greninja.AbilityFlag = 0;

Source: http://gbatemp.net/threads/sun-moon-german-quajutsu-greninja-legit-wondercard.450772/#post-6878774


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