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PKHeX (Commit 369f6f4) Not saving TID/SID Edits [Sun/Moon]


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i've been manually compiling versins since just past when they fixed the "Inviso" bug which was runing saves.  i havent done much sofar outside use it manually to bring over 2 pokemon over from OR(which i know wont pass legality checks till Bank is out, i dont do online competitive anyway.) However, the ingame IDNo. for trainer differs from my starter/any wild pokemon i've caught.  and get boosted XP in the same manner traded pokemon Do. (aka not the OT's Pokemon).

i've gone back and forth to make sure everythinsg right or if those changes are reverting after loading the game saving dumping and reopening in this build,  and nothing seems to be.  however i DO see Gender changes to the pokemon Do not carry over and revert Back  after saving and reopening.

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