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help Will the old web browser RAM-based injection work on Sun & Moon?


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This is how I do my current injections to Alpha Sapphire as I have an old 3DS XL that I haven't updated to avoid this method from being patched, it's a bit ancient but it's how I like to do it.

What I'm simply asking is will this still work as long for Sun & Moon? I'll be buying the cartridge version of either one, not the digital release.

Kaphotics responded you already, but if you want to know why specifically it's not possible, it's because first this exploit is exclusive to Old 3DS due to its browser, but since the games runs in extended memory mode (like Smash and newer Monster Hunter gams), the browser and miiverse can't be launched at all. So no luck.

NTR won't work either on Old 3DS for tat reason. Your best bet is installing custom firmware and using JK's Save Manager.

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