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Sun/Moon Datamining has Begun!


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SciresM and Kaphotics et al have been making great progress datamining. So far, we have information on wild encounters, Pokémon and move stats, game and story text, box sprites, and more!

Please be aware that these resources may contain spoilers, so if you want everything to be a surprise, you should probably stop reading here. Still here? Here's the the results of the datamine:

Part 1: Starter Stats and Moves

Part 2: More Stats

Part 3: Even More Stats

Part 4: Legendary Stats

Part 5: Ultra Beast Stats

Part 6: Mythical Stats

Part 7: Game and story text



Part 8: Learn-sets


Marshadow's Signature Move

Alolan Forms & Zygarde


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Glad to see the datamining progress going so well!

While not as important, to add on:

1. Scanning QR codes on Ga-ole Pokemon registers them to Pokedex as Seen.

here are 2 examples of the scanned screen:


It'll help with finding the rarer Pokemon.

2. I've yet to do scan Magearna, I'll do it soon. (I'm on a japanese 3DS)

3. I've sent dumped Gen VII wondercards to Kaphotics. I'll upload them to public when the time comes.

He'll probably get the support up soon.

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In case anyone is unaware, Ash-Greninja's distribution from the Demo, is actually a wondercard!

I'll be updating the site shortly




Oh so they've done away with Pokemon Link? And what about the item distributions they also wondercards?

Something else I found (which I'm sure everyone expected it anyways since GF announced it before)

There's also text in the game that suggests Pokemon Go is indeed going to be connectable sometime in the future:

Thank you for playing Pokémon GO! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.

Pokemon GO (location)

Also, does anyone know the formula on how the 6-digit TID is displayed? I know it's by combining the TID and SID bytes but how do I get a specific 6-digit number that I want?

Thanks in advance

sidenote: Nintendo America claimed the datamine videos...

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So.. i'm really interested in the post-game. in data i don't found anything. Anyone here has passed the game? Because is hard to believe that after two games with nothing after the story, that's gonna repeat again. Someone, please, tells me that has only one thing really interesting to do after story

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Can we please get a list for Alola Forms' evolution methods? It seems that leveling Cubone to 28 isn't enough. Also Magnezone evolution's location would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance.

Asked KazoWAR last night




To sum it up

Alolan Meowth with Happiness

Alolan Rattata @20 @ Night

Alolan Cubone @28 @ Night

Alolan Vulpix with Ice Stone

Alolan Sandshrew with Ice Stone

All others are unchanged from the Kanto variety

Magnezone evolution's location is probably the same as Charjabug, but I can't confirm

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Pretty sure non-Alolan forms of Pokemon which have Alolan forms are unobtainable in SM, you have to transfer one from an older game when Bank support for SM comes out in January.

Wow what you mean about that? i mean that's not good. Really, not good. Because, if i wanted one normal Meowth to evolve normal into a Persian i never can get that beacuse his only goes to Alolan form.. Not Good. In this time, i'm happy to have a Pkhex hahah(Free merchan)

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