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PCD import in HG/SS broken


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I imported the Celebi, Shiny Raikou and Shiny Entei PCD wonder cards into my SoulSilver save to transfer to Black with the Relocator, but there was no delivery man at the Poké Mart. When I checked the card album there was only one wonder card which was full of question marks, said it had been received before and had a recieved date of September 4th 2020.

Also, dragging the PCD file from Windows Explorer to the PCD slot results in a question mark icon in the slot but using the Import button to load the PCD file, selecting the slot and setting the wonder card shows the correct pokémon and item icon.

Using PGT wonder cards works fine, able to collect in-game and drag and drop from Windows Explorer.

I'm using the latest source from Github, by the way.

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