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Everytime I drag and drop a wc6 file of a legendary Pokémon into PKHeX (directly into the box, or on the left side of the program) the HP Stat has always 31 IVs.

Maybe this is a bug during the creation of the Pokémon?

Ingame it is not normal that wondercard legendarys have always 31 IVs at HP.

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I do not know much about C # programming, but if I interpret the code correctly, the HP value is always fixed to 31 at code line 348, and this should not always be.

Would it not be better that way?


[font=Courier New]case 0xFE:  [b] [size=2]//[/size][/b] finalIVs[0] = 31;   do { // 31 HP IV, 2 other 31s   for (int i = [b][size=2]0[/size][/b]; i < 6; i++)        finalIVs[i] = IVs[i] > 31 ? (int)(Util.rnd32() & 0x1F) : IVs[i];   } while (finalIVs.Count(r => r == 31) < 3); // 31 + 2*31   break;[/font]


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