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What is PKHeX editing?


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So I finally got my hands on my savefile for Alpha Sapphire, wanted to see about adding wondercards etc to my game and any future prospects since GPL is closing and I've only just started playing for the first time.

So I wanted to test how safe PKHeX is to my savefile, and right now it's a fail. All I simply did was change my Torchic from male to female, yet it seems to change quite a few bits of data.


What is PKHeX changing? (The last changed block is actually only a few bytes but Hex Workshop gets a little greedy with comparing)

EDIT1: So simply opening the save, viewing the party-pokemon's details and then setting them (Not changing anything at all), still causes most of the changes, except 1 byte, which I assume is the gender. Screenshot: https://puu.sh/rZBoi/fcd82dbe25.png

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Not that I code Pkhex or anything,

but my understanding is that even if you shifted stuff around,

the checksums will have to be revalidated, and PKhex will fix all the block checksum, followed by the final save checksum.

Also Kaphotics linked you Pokemon's structure on the 3DS.

It's originally encrypted with block shuffling..

Besides overall checksum fixing, I believe PKhex isn't coded change or write anything you didn't touch,

That's why glitched Pokemon or exceeded item count and stuff will remain, until you do something to it.

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