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Gen 6 editing OT: Trash Bytes?


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I'm using PKHex to edit some Gen 6 Pokémon to have my OT since I was given a cart by a friend and I'd like the Pokémon in the boxes to match the rest of my living 'dex.

What I'm curious about is, do Gen 6 files have trash bytes like gen 4 and 5 that need to be added in after the characters in the OT field for the Pokémon to pass legality checks? A Google search has turned up varying answers like "no" to "yes but the program inputs them automatically" to "yes but you have to put them in yourself", so I'm very much confused.

Any and all help or a point in the right direction would be appreciated. Thank you all.

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It has trash bytes, but good luck getting an answer to the specifics. Yes, Pkhex does them automatically, that does not mean tho that they are legal.

For pre Gen 6 use Pokegen for trash bytes, for Gen 6 and 7 maybe Kapho will answer one day.

You can assume tho that pre Gen 6 trash bytes created by Pkhex are 100% not legal. Then again, Gamefreak does not care at all for this.

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