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Has the demo revealed Gen 7 Pokemon catch rates? Can they flee from battle randomly?

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Just curious about the catch rates of the new Pokemon. A pal of mine got the demo, and couldn't catch a Rockruff even with its HP being at 1 with ANY of the balls he was given by the dude at the beginning of the challenge... this worries me for some Gen 7 Pokemon like Wimpod; you attack it ONCE, it flees! So you have no choice but to catch it at full HP... which would be annoying if its catch rate is low. Rumours also say that the random flee rate that was once exclusive to Gen 2 (such with Magnemite, Slugma or Dratini) is returning in Sun & Moon, but besides Wimpod, there's no proof for other Pokemon... Just wondering if the demo revealed hidden stuff such as catch rates and fleeing rates (if any).

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I caught a Rockruff during my challenge, I forget if I used normal or great ball. But probably great as I remember it being in yellow HP because it was decimating my team.

I think the idea with pokemon that flee is to disable them or prevent them from fleeing using skills. It's a pain but creates a challenge I guess.

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