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Turning the Pokemon Directly into AR Codes


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Hey. So I've lost the wire to connect my AR to my computer to get my PokeSav'ed Pokemon into my game.. So I'm wondering if it's possibly to turn the Pokemon I want to make into an actual AR code, like a1d40000 or whatever it would be. Basically a way to get my new creations from the computer to the game.

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You have three options:

A) Use PPSE to load any old save file, and use its ARDS output function to generate a code for your game.

B) Use my Pokémon Generator program to make a brand new PKM and use that program's ARDS output function.

C) Wait for me to make a program specifically designed to load a PKM file and output an ARDS code.

Just so you know, that "a1d40000" is hardly representative of a full working ARDS code for adding a Pokémon to your save file. It is more like 40 times that size for adding one to the PC, and even bigger for the party.

FYI: I moved the topic to RAM Editing. Seemed more appropriate.

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Can I select Natures and IVs with your program? I tried creating a test Pokemon with it, but didn't see any options to.

Also, would you be able to clarify option 1, or link me to a thread that goes into more detail on it?

And by the way, noticed you're in New Milford. I live in Bethel, just a couple towns over ;)

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Freaky! You're probably no more than twenty minutes away from the office I work at. I hope you're not a crazy unstable stalker!


As of right now, my generator only makes random Pokémon, using the normal NDS generation method (seeding the RNG with the date just like the game). Later there will be editing options to go back and fix specific stuff.

For PPSE, I suggest you head on over to Misc. Research & Development, where the PPSE threads are located. :D

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