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Gen. IV Encounters from Platinum, DeSmuMe .dsv


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In the Met tab, there should be an extra "Encounter:" field for Gen. IV Pokémon.

I'm not sure if that worked right in older versions of PKHeX because I can't seem to get them anymore, but right now, if you load a Pokémon caught from Platinum, that "Encounter:" field doesn't show up.

For Pokémon from D/P and HG/SS, this works correctly. Applies to all Pokémon from Platinum, as far as I can see.

What's odd is that if you go in the Origin Game dropdown menu on a Pokémon from Platinum, and you select Platinum again (even though it's already set to Platinum), the "Encounter:" field appears, except it appears to be set to None which I'm not sure should be right. Not sure if PKHeX is erroneously setting that value to None on its own, or there wasn't a value to begin with.

Happens in the 9/18 release.

I checked the newest version from Github and it has the same issue, except for some reason the latest commit also doesn't accept this DeSmuME .dsv save file, it claims the file is 122 bytes when it's 512KB. The same save file works just fine in 9/18 release.

Issue with every .dsv saves in general or just this one?


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