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help error loading a Crystal save (how to add rows of 0's


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i got an error on Crystal: "attempted to load an unsupported file type / size. file size 32772 bytes (0x8004)" after saving on TGB Dual

i read on some thread that after adding two rows of 0's the save will work

but my problem is that i don't know how to add the rows of 0's

i need other programs or what? pls tell me how to do that :XD:

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I think for Crystal Save, need to use this program called HxD to remove the last 3 rows of Zeros.

(total file size would be 0x10000).

@Kaphotics however I do have a slight problem with my Japanese Crystal:

While PKhex correctly identifies my save as Pokemon Crystal, any changes made to the save using Pkhex corrupts my save (even though save oddly maintains readable by Pkhex)

For a save that was modified by HxD but not modified by pkhex, I did not have to add back the 3 rows (the bgb emulator will add it back),

so the removal of the 3 rows isn't the problem.

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