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What do you expect from the next generation of games?

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I doubt there'll be that kind of all-encompassing game any time soon. Even provided they didn't increase the quality of graphics from D/P/P level (and you'd hope they would), they'd need a massive amount of space to fit a new region, plus all four previous regions into a single game. That's assuming you wanted the regions to be as full of adventure (eg. not the way Kanto was in GSC) as they were in their original games.

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ya but if they could make it and make it good they could take forever to make it (thats a bit of an exaggeration cuz i want to play something like it in my lifetime) and the space would be a problem but gaming changes more and more every minute so later in time they could very well come out with something like a pokemon game that goes to every region and still look descent.

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Except...when you say pokemon's been a part of your life for 15 years and you're under 15 years old...something doesn't seem to add up :P

For me, it's been 9 years, as I bought my first gameboy back then...and bought pokemon pinball. And I once called Onyx "Oinks" because I couldn't pronounce the pokemon names for crap (this was before I started watching the anime!)

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My ideas...

- three starters that are part Psychic in their 1st or 2nd evo forms

- an uber to rival Arceus (the Omega Pokemon)

- more type variations (Fire/Water, Ice/Electric, Dark/Steel)

- one version only

- no trade-evolution Pokemon

- mass-detailed Pokedex like the one on Serebii or Marriland

- a device called the PokeNano that has more features than the GSC and RSE watches combined

- all of the Pokeballs from GSC and RSE

- trainer customization (not just gender, but all the other stuff too)

- the return of design-your-room from GSC

- all of the previous regions (even Orre, but maybe not Fione)

- start in Cynthia's region (she did allude to being from an unknown one when she visits your Villa in DPPt)

- ability to choose whether to fight trainers or not instead of being forced to...

- ...except in Gyms

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I hope they make evolutions to Pokemon like Farfetch'd and Jynx. The former desperately needs one, but unfortunately it seems like Gamefreak hates this awesome bird. Very rare in games, being overshadowed by all the other birds, and having a low catch rate... this is one of those Pokemon that they seem to pick on (just like Flareon). He should become a Fighting/Flying Pokemon, but then again, everyone expects that. I realize Farfetch'd is based on those ducks that come from the wild carrying a leek offering itself to be eaten (in folklore), but still, if they're going to make a Pokemon, they should develop on it (the item Stick just doesn't cut it). Jynx wants an evo so she won't be an Ice/Psychic type Haunter with a different movepool. Plus her two rivals Electivire and Magmortar got evos, so why not her? I know she's the oddball of the three, but still, she wants an evo.

Speaking of Electivire, he's one proof that Gamefreak indeed favors the Electric type so much. I mean really... one weakness, sweeper stats (usually) and most being top notch Pokemon makes me think the Electrics dominate the game. Now they can learn Magnet Rise to get rid of that one weakness. So unfair. Electivire gets Motor Drive as his ability, so I would expect Magmortar to get the same treatment, right? WRONG! He still retains his Flame Body ability (he doesn't even get Flash Fire!). I mean, how blatant can you get? Sure, Flame Body isn't a bad ability, but Motor Drive is definitely the better one... and Magmortar wanted something similar at least... I hope the next generation implements a Fire immune ability of some kind to Magmortar. Also, Magmortar wants Earth Power (Electivire gets Earthquake... AND ICE PUNCH! Come on!)

Speaking of which, take a look at the legendary birds. What they did to Zapdos is just annoying. Why? Well, I'll bet you the Heat Wave tutor being able to be used by most birds (Articuno being a notable exception) was an excuse to get Zapdos to learn Heat Wave. I mean really... more blatant favoritism! Moltres is going to lose his job! Sure, Zapdos doesn't get STAB, but with Heat Wave, better typing (thanks to Electric's one weakness negated by Zapdos's Flying type), not being completely crippled by Stealth Rock... who wants to use Moltres? (besides me and all...) And Articuno remains completely forgotten. If anything, I hope there's an electric counterpart move to Heat Wave that can be taught to Moltres. Heat Wave Zapdos... yeah right. As for ice types like Articuno... maybe a TM for Hydro Pump won't hurt? (as long as the Electrics not named Lanturn can't learn it then I'd be fine with this idea.) We see Water types learning Ice moves and vice versa, but the problem is that water move the Ice type learns is usually Water Pulse... and who uses that (other than Technician Hypnoplotting Persians)? I'd like to see Articuno's movepool get better because all she's been doing all these time is pretend she is something she's not with those defensive stats... because of her awful defensive typing. Speaking of movepool increase... give Flareon Flare Blitz (I just remembered she got Zap Cannon in GSC)! I think Game Freak will do the logical thing and give Flare Blitz to... Leafeon! Or even Ice Beam to Zapdos! Heat Wave says it "breathes fire from mouth"... nothing about flapping wings to generate heat! This was definitely Gamefreak's excuse to make Zapdos even more broken... because most of the other birds that learn this cannot even use this properly (save Chatot and Togekiss, but the former is too weak to compete in standards while the latter has better things to do). And people wanted a weather condition removing Ground types of their immunity against Electric attacks? Their immunity is a gift from above... seriously... or else Electric types will be broken. I want my Tail Glow (or Calm Mind) Hydro Pump Articuno now! (watches as Zapdos gets Nasty Plot and Ice Beam and Hydro Pump... >:-( )

And about birds... remember Pidgeot? Pidge-who? Yes, Pidgeot, one of the original 151 Pokemon? Oh, that's right... you all use Staraptors now. You can see they seriously messed up Pidgeot... look at her stat distribution. 70 Special Attack? 80 Attack and 91 speed? And this is a Pokemon that evolved to its final stage? Look at stuff like Fearow, Swellow and Dodrio. They have MUCH better aligned stats and can STILL evolve if the designers wanted them to. Sure, Noctowl doesn't seem much better, but at least he still has a chance to evolve. And Pidgeot had Keen Eye as her ability... so in Gen IV they could have given her a cool ability to take advantage of, right? Wrong! Tangled Feet was all she got... ouch. There's only one hope for her... and it's what was given to other Pokemon. Remember those exclusive hold items that double someone's attack and whatnot (like Marowak's Thick Club)? I propose that Pidgeot gets a hold item that doubles her special attack or attack or something. For special attacks... all she gets are Air Slash, Heat Wave... and if you count this as usable, Ominous Wind, so she won't be too broken (unless they extend her movepool). They should call it Brightplume or something to address Pidgeot's wonderfully colored feathers. Maybe an attack doubling item could work too... but people will complain that's broken. Er... look at Marowak. He has the same exact base attack and no one's complaining. Yeah, that's because he's slow, they say, but 91 base speed isn't exactly what I'd be gloating over either. Plus Marowak is resistant to Stealth Rock and has some pretty high defense. All in all, I think that's the only solution Pidgeot has left because Gamefreak so wonderfully decided to screw another amazing bird up.

Ok, maybe I should stop ranting... but now that that's out of my system...

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More ideas...

- more HMs and obstacles that require them (another poster mentioned Flamethrower could be one, Dig could be too)

- either increase the usable moves from 4 to 5 or...

- ...allow Pokemon to know every move they are taught (imagine Mew then eh!!)

- chuck out the EV cap of 510

- if Arceus were catchable in the game, give it a Catch Rate of 1 (likewise for the Omega Pokemon that opposes it)

- the ability to sort your Bag however you want (name, quantity, etc.)

- a massive Battle Frontier with all the arenas from RSE, DPPt, and the N64, GC and Wii Pokemon games

- voice commands for certain actions (thankyou Tom Clancy's EndWar)

- a place with lots of mini-games that can earn you very prizes (reintroducing the games from stadium 1 and 2 as well as others)

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The only thing I want them to do at this point, is work on the actual games, not how many more pokemon we can catch. Do you know why G/S/C were a lot of peoples favorite games? Because they introduced enough new pokemon to un centralize the metagame but also they added a lot of new features to make the game seem more personal and then once you got to the end of it, a whole new region opened up!

Platinum so far seems like a step in the right direction and I hope they can further expand on this concept :D

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- designer Pokemon (enter what you want and for a large fee, some NPC will do all the hard work for you)

- more ways of travel than just a bike (skateboard or something, and bring back that train from GSC, and maybe introduce an airliner)

- make the move to 3D graphics in battles (at least them)

- introduce banks so that you can store great amounts of money (thanks to Runescape for the idea)

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-New uses for and ways to play around with the 'mons. Contests are getting yawn-inducing.

-A longer side-story after the Elite Four. I liked FRLG for that, while the DPPt one merely felt like an afterthought.

For an all-encompassing Pokémon game to exist, memory space is needed. We might have it in the not-so-near future, given the improvements in storage devices, but otherwise, such a game cannot be on a handheld system and must be relegated to a home system. Which the main series will probably never be on.

Pokémon get new evolutions all the time. It's nothing new.

A bank? The player's mom was sort of one in GSC, IIRC. Might be reintroduced in the GSC remake, if there is one. Though, she did have the annoying tendency to do unwarranted shopping with your money (which was an okay issue as that was the only way to get decorations for your room).

Never liked HMs (save Fly and Surf, because they made sense and were useful). The less HMs, the better. I'd love a series where I don't have to waste a slot in my party with a HM slave, which unfortunately isn't going to happen anytime soon. Game Freak loves HMs and puzzles.

As for the 510 EV cap... it's there to make the game more challenging. Base stats and IVs wouldn't matter if there wasn't an EV cap.

The Battle Frontier is sort of like a minigame where you CAN win prizes, so I don't know about that one.

Yes. Electric needs a new weakness. Not a fair comparison, but Electric is a little like how Psychic was in RBY.

The move tutor was great. I loved the way it opened up new movesets and opportunities for certain Pokémon (i.e. Espeon, and all it got as a decent Move Tutor move was Signal Beam!). I really hope the Move Tutor(s) get(s) expanded upon.

Bag sorting would be good.

Maybe more...

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- a Move Tutor who teaches any move a Pokemon can know for a price *credit to JayC* (price = money, not Heart Scales)

- give the player two parents, both of whom do seperate things

- a Mewtwo-only item alluding to it's armor from the 1st pkmn movie

- a Trainer School like the one in Stadium 2 but more expanded

- the chance to fight Ash Ketchum himself (he would have all Level 100, maxed-out, random teams, made up of ALL Pokemon he has ever caught on the show)

A Pokemon game for the PC could be possible, but it would have to be constructed so that hacking is nigh-impossible (but would be gravely punished if accomplished).

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