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xd Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Randomizer BETA Release![Dolphin Emulator!]

Reclaimer Shawn

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So, after a very long development period, I'm happy to release my Pokemon XD Randomizer! I've released two version actually. One automatically tries to sync health while the other requires user input. Both have their advantages. With User Input, just press the 1 button whenever a pokemon in the top most slot pops out, and two for when one in the bottom does. The Automated version automatically syncs health values, but sometimes at the cost of losing randomization and sometimes doesn't even get the health right(so, choose the level of functionality you want here) The program takes the Operating System Time and based on that randomly generates Pokemon!


First and foremost, I'd like to thank both God and his son Jesus Christ for giving me the knowledge and patience to make this trainer.

Reclaimer Shawn = Programming, Form Designing, Address Finding

Dark Byte = Bypassing Memory Protection

Zanzer = RNG & Programming

StarsMmd = For Disabling the Colosseum Shiny Pokemon Glitch & Address Finding

Cooleko = HotKey Function

Nintendo = For Creating the Pokemon Franchise

Dolphin = For Creating the Emulator this game was played on

The program allows you to choose if you want randomly generated shadow pokemon or not, as well as none at all. I will be adding scaleable difficulty in the future. Any kinks in the program have to do with the update rate of the game. It gets things literally within 1/1000th of a second at times... For the most part, it should act fine, but please report how things work in-game(preferably a new campaign) Also, make sure that you start the game with Level 100 Pokemon. You WILL NOT survive without that! Other than that, enjoy! Also, if the HP isn't full when the pokemon spawns, just press the corresponding sync buttons. Also, pokemon are only made randomly shadow depending on the drop down box if the randomize shadow pokemon is ticked.


https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/4ac195efa496f338c9ae92a803cd12b4581bd20f31d9988342 e7d01e5914a62b/analysis/1472878187/

It appears as a virus because it was created in Cheat Engine. If the admins need confirmation, I will send the source code.



Video Link here:

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I just realized this... People must've thought I would was releasing a game! Doh! So, have you been able to test the tool out yet? Test the newest one out though (the different difficulty ones)

I'm on mac but if I ever fish out my old windows laptop I'll give it a go!

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