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Please Add Gen1 Support

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First Pkhex is a Very Nice Editor.

So Please add Gen1 Locations please.

I Need Some Gen1 Event´s (Mew´s) on my Gen6 as Tradeable Pokes

Time Maschine is good to transfer from 1 to 3 and 3 to Rip the Mew file in Pkhex and Restore the File on a 6gen Save

The Problem is the Location from Mew.

Sorry for my Bad English :/

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Does "linkew Mew" is The newest Mew distributed for gen 1 virtual console games? Anyway i'm enough sure that you can't legally transfer gen 1'mons to gen 6 (GB/GBC isn't compatibile with GBA and VC's aren't compatible with Pokèmon Bank)

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