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Tier Discussion Rules


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Tier Discussion Rules:

Welcome to the Tier Discussion forum. This forum is dedicated to discussing any changes our community feels the need to make from Smogon's Tiers, which are currently used as our standard.

Changes should only be proposed with the following three tiers: OU, UU, and Uber. With that said, please don't post ridiculous changes, like asking for Kyogre to be moved down to OU, which isn't going to happen.

Proposing a Change:

If you feel that a pokemon in OU, UU, or Uber just isn't in the right place, feel free to post a topic about it. However, please use this format:

Pokemon you wish to change:

Tier the Pokemon is currently in:

Tier you propose to move it to:

Reasons why you wish to move it:

Also, you MUST make your thread a Poll.

You can do this by going into Additional Options and checking the box next to "Yes, post a poll with this thread." Your poll should have two options:

1. I agree with this change

2. I disagree with this change

Since this board does not have much activity, I will be able to watch any threads that get created in here. The poll will be unofficial; it is just preliminary to see if there is some support for your idea. If an idea gets support, I will create an official thread and people will state arguments for and against it. Then, the community as a whole will vote on your change, and if it passes, the change will be made.

All Other Threads:

This forum doesn't need many other threads then proposing changes. However, if you want to discuss any aspects of the tiers, then feel free to do so.

Thank you for reading, and have an excellent day!

~ Illithian

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