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Heartgold / Soulsilver : Gengar Moveset

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With friends, we restarted those games and eventually battle.

We play fair and decided to not cheat.

Even if we have what is required to edit a save, we only allow ourselfves to :

- load event pkmns

- view IV

In my team I wanted a Gengar.

I found one (not evoluted yet) with IVs :

AttS : 21

Speed : 31

DefS : 31

HP : 24

Att and Def don't remember but shall be between 20-30.

It has levitate and his nature is Quiet.

For now it has as EV : AttS 30 and Speed 125.

First, for Gen IV (no easy to get perfect IV), is this a decent one for a Special Sweeper ?

For items I hesitate between :

- Choice Scarf

- Focus Sash

If I go for Choice Scarf, I guess I don't need to full his speed EV's. According to you what would be a good value ?

I'm thinking of sth like 172 (taking into account its nature).

I'd max his AttS EVs.

Last 86 EV I hesitate between HP or Sp Def.

If I use focus sash then 252 AttS and Speed.

For the moves, I'm thinking of :

- Shadow Ball

- Slug Bomb

--> For STAB.

2 others I don't know...

- Giga Drain

- Destiny Pound (if focus sash)

- Psyko

- Thunder

- An Ice Move (if any available?)

Any other Idea ?

Thanks for your help.

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