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What's Wrong With These PKMs? (Rejected by Poke Transporter)


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I'm in the process of migrating my Pokemon from White 2 to Gen 6 (Y / Pokemon Bank) via Poke Transporter. However, some of them wouldn't go through. I've attached the ones that got rejected, (although I had to change the .pk5 to .pkm because .pk5 doesn't seem to be accepted.)

The event Pokemon I used legit Wondercard data from the Pokedit Event Pokemon database, and the others I pretty much caught legitimately. The only modifications I made were to make them shiny. I gave them no custom stats or moves. There might be some weirdness with with the gen 1 & 2 ones since moving them to gen 3 obviously required some alternative steps. (You know the process.)

I guess PokeCheck is gone, and I don't know any other way to check what's wrong with these Pokemon. Maybe someone can help me with this?

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Very quick look, this is what I spotted. Most are obvious hacks. For the ones that were not it is likely that when you turned them shiny you didn't edit other values such as the PID or IVs so that it would be legally shiny.

144: Unsure.

150: Illegal. Mewtwo cannot be caught in Colosseum or :XD:.

151: Illegal. Mew cannot be caught in Colosseum or :XD:.

493: Illegal. TRU Arceus are shiny locked.

494: Unsure.

643: Illegal. Reshiram caught in-game in Gen 5 cannot be shiny.

644: Illegal. Zekrom caught in-game in Gen 5 cannot be shiny.

646: Unsure.

647: Illegal. All Gen V Keldeo events were shiny locked.

648: Illegal. All Gen V Meloetta events were shiny locked.

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