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go Pokémon GO: Who is your prize Pokemon right now?


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I'm playing in San Francisco, a l0vely place where I don't reside.

Sadly, my apparently best and wildest encounter is Tauros, besides that, everything is pretty darn common.

My prized possession of now is a CP 582 Golbat (caught at 400+).

Caught too many Zubats and a few Golbat, so wanted to use some Zubat Candy. (i've got 415 zubat candy right now xD)

My other "rare" encounters: Pidgeot, Abra, Meowth, Poliwhirl, Gastly, Koffing, Exeggcute.

Have yet to find a damn Pikachu or Charmander (cries), and I finally reached Lvl 13 today.

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