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Request for a legit/legal Masuda Method Shiny .pkm for Gen IV


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I've been to many 'specific site' and they all require a Friend Code which I can't do due to the lack of 3DS and NDS Servers shutting down. I came hoping to finally get what I needed. It seems difficult and I hope someone can do it. If not, a simple explanation for the issue would suffice.

Game: Diamond/ Pearl/ Platinum/ HeartGold/ SoulSilver

Format: .pkm

Details: Masuda Method Shiny. It doesn't matter if you have leveled up it, evolved it, changed its Moveset, etc.

I prefer originally legit (probably considered cloned legal now), or as long as it looks like Masuda Method.

All Other Pokemon Info: ANY

My purpose to learn its PID Method.

I heard about Breeding can have no PID-IV Relation but Shiny-Chained Pokemon have a separate PID Method so I'm just wondering about this possibility.

Thank you.

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