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Narwhal and Illithian's Sig Thread


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I will take a stab at it but the first problem I see is that the logos on the box covers up some of the characters.

EDIT: I've finished both of them and they turned out better than I thought they would.



Thanks bear831, it came out really nice. Keep up the good work and welcome back to the sig making team. b^_^d

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Hey Narwhal... sorry to inform you with the bad news, but i'm going to be really busy from now on, and I don't think I will have much time to make sigs. So sorry, but i'll have to quit from the artists, I will only have enough time to come to the forums each day and check if I have any notifications like PMs and stuff. I will also quit making avatars. When i'm not busy anymore (don't know when that'll be), i'll come back to Siggy and Avvie making...


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hi narwhal im cuti can you make a sign for me please.... my favorite pokemon is Blastoise ;) sorry for my english is poor beacause i speak spanish xD!

narwhal i would like a sig with blastoise and a (whatever you want in background) thanks in advance also with my nickname Cuti-felsel the shadows of your dreams :) thanks narwhal

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Could one of you create a signature for me?

I would like it to feature Cyndaquil, with the word "Cyndaquil" on it.

The background, have it as flames or something.

Please type "Made by (Your username)" in small (but readable) characters in the corner.

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Mewkid I could not for the life of me figure out what you wanted so I skipped it but if you clarify it I will make it.

Cuti and Pingouin sorry that it took so long to have these done for you but with the Holiday season I hope you understand.



Edited by bear831
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Ok, I want this -

Text: Hazelstorm

BG: Lots of cats and main the main bg color is pink (different shades kinda mixed) Kinda like mine was done. : ) Thanks. This isn't for me by the way.

Wel basically look at my sig. mix up some shades of pink kinda like how it is in mine. Take some pictures of cats and put them in there like the mews are in mine. And I want it to say "Hazelstorm" somewhere.

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