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Narwhal and Illithian's Sig Thread


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I'm very sorry everyone, I have a lot less time than I thought, for all those who still want their sigs, may I ask you to PM me or PM Sabeta. Sorry, I guess this thread is very inactive now, and after the current requests left, I don't plan on staying here anymore, so unless Sabeta is willing to run the thread all by himself (or if he starts his own thread), I request for this thread to be locked until more artists are willing to come back and continue the thread, which may not even happen at all. Very sorry for the inconveniences this may bring, but we just don't have the time we used to have. After the current requests are finished, I am leaving PP, possibly forever, so like I said, tell me or Sabeta if you are on this list and still want your request finished:

  • Waterheart - In progress - Sabeta
  • Gin - In progress (might take longer than the others, sorry again mate) - Me
  • Sunny Day - In progress - Sabeta
  • Eievu - In progress - Me - Finished
  • ILOVEPIE - In progress - Sabeta
  • Atmospheric - In progress - Me - Finished

Tell me if some of these have already been completed and I will cross them out as we go.

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Axew, your Avatar is complete. I did this rather quickly.

If you would like any Revisions please let me know.

Sunny, I am working on yours now.

PIE: Again, if you can prove your GTS is better than the rest, then I will make that request for you.

Water: Did you want a banner, or a signature, there IS a difference. If it's a banner, it can be done in about 10 seconds flat.


At this time this thread is no longer accepting requests. Once these requests are filled THIS THREAD WILL BE LOCKED. I will; however, be making another thread at a later undisclosed date. I currently run another art shop aside from my participation in this one, and I've gotten backlogged lately. I need to make a website layout and a youtube profile. Expect my thread to be open about 1 month after this one closes

@Toffeuy: Tragic news mate, I'll miss you quite a lot. If you have them, can you please send me the PSD for my Sig, and Avatar? I still never quite got that lovely style you managed to on them. (Although my professional eye can now see a very slight mistake in it)

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