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Narwhal and Illithian's Sig Thread


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here are some more sigs i made i`m really tring to work on backround detail!

i did the berry thing cause munchlax likes berrys anyway can i become a artist now

I would just like to comment on your first few sigs, 2 of them are just a black background, with pictures and text, I wouldn't call that a good artwork. For the other one although you used a few colours instead of black it is the same thing of what you did with the other 2. I'm most impressed with the Rapidash and Dragonite signatures, but I want to tell you that putting a picture the whole way through the sig doesn't always look pleasant. The Munchlax one is good also... but you dont need so many sprites of munchlax, the main render and 2 or 3 sprites would do. As for the text, try making it smaller next time.

Btw, what software do you use for the sigs? I suggest you start using brushes, softwares like paint doesn't offer you the customisable brushes. I suggest you get GIMP or Photoshop.

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narwhal i cant gat a prarie back round and lots of ralts can i do an outside bakround with mabye 2 Ralts hopw do you get format????? still working and soz my internet hasnt been working so its been a wile for me to work on the sig cause i couldnt use the computer

COBHC ive benn through all the pages and youve requested ALOT from the sig thread

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Um, can i request a ralts signature? raltses(?) doing random things in a prarie or somesuch.

The background could have "TARSAL" (ralts's french name) in faint white letters

Make it cute?

thanks ^_^

Guys...this request is a WEEK old. We have to honor it...come on. I'm sure the owner is waiting patiently...


My shot at the signature...I'm not sure if that's what you wanted. I'm not good at making things...cute...lol. And I'm really not good with working with stock backgrounds and such, as well as multiple renders. T-T So this request is sort of my bane. But I took a little freestyle approach to it...sorry if its not what you wanted. Feel free to tell me if you want any changes, or you can wait until another artist is able to make a signature for you if you don't like mine.

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='[ i was trying..........

i was on my friend computer when i said i`d get to THIS WEEK so it is still THIS WEEK

my brother is a hog of our computer

my friend comp dosnt have gimp mine dose

i am finally on my computer i was half way through and then i sined in ='[

sorry kirasspeaker3


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