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Escape from Mount Silver

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I have a DeSmuMe challenge for you - to escape from Mount Silver. After you escape, you have to go to the nearby Pokemon Centre, get an Articuno out of the PC, and fly to New Bark Town.

You have only Level 35 Pokemon, including a HM Slave. But they know powerful moves and you have 5 Revives, 1 Max Revive and 10 Full Restores.

The following Action Replay cheats are allowed:

- Unlimited PP

- High Wild Pokemon Encounter Rate

- Get all TM/HM

These cheats are STRICTLY not allowed:

- All Pokemon can learn all TM/HM

- Go anywhere you want.

I wanted this to be hard. DO NOT try challenging Red. You won't win.

Also, you are not allowed to white out to get to the Pokemon Centre. This is a challenge.

Good Luck!

DST File Here:

Challenge: Escape from Mount Silver

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