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stadium [REQUEST] Pokemon Stadium 1 gamesave with unlockables

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Hi there,

I'm looking for a gamesave for Pokemon Stadium 1 which includes the Amnesia Psyduck that can be earned through gameplay.

All the gamesaves I've found online have already completed the hall of fame, and the user(s) who created these saves did not include the psyduck in it (either it was taken off the game or there was no space to accept it in Oak's lab)

I'm also looking for a stadium EEVEE and Bulbasaur, but these are less important as the gamesave I have been playing on I will unlock them. The amnesia psyduck, however, appears to be a one-time unlockable and I'm unable to obtain it on the gamesave I'm using.

If anyone can help provide the fla save file which includes the Amnesia Psyduck, and *hopefully* the other mon's I haven't unlocked, I would greatly appreciate it!


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following up on this as I was able to compile all the saves and get all the event pokemon. more details are on my blog: http://secousa.com/pokemon-stadium-1-2-prize-pokemon-save-files/

and on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/3dshacks/comments/4jv3jv/saves_pokemon_stadium_1_2_prize_pokemon/

in short, all the stadium pokemon are available in pkmn format (for pikasav) as well as in their original save files in those links.

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I've started playing Stadium, never played it and it's actually quite good. The commentary dub was really amazing.

So, I've just checked that gift pokemon get generated when trasnfered to the gen 1 games, so I'm gonna get a savegame for each of the gift pokemon to be received, for round 1 and round 2 and the amnesia psyduck. I'm playing the spanish version, but the save is compatible with at least all EUR versions, and the UK should be the same as USA one so...

With those savegames, one can receive a randomized (DV wise) pokemon from the stadium game without having to play trough elite 4, and also get it for the desired region.

Amnesia psyduck will take time though, hall of fame gets time to complete...

Unless you can provide a savegame with an almost complete hall of fame at round 2 that is (there's a complete save at zophar's domain, but that won't work for amnesia psyduck...)

EDIT: I managed to get the 8 gifts from round 1. If you don't know, round 2 are the same, but will have a gold trophy when transfered to gen 2.


Well, I messed up a little. It seems that receiving a normal box or gorgeous box attached to the gift pokemon does not depend on wether you are playing roun 1 or round 2, but depends just on wether you have unlocked round 2 or not.

Basically this means no amnesia psyduck with normal box unless I get all the pokemon in the hall of fame... AGAIN. That's not gonna happen, so no amnesia psyduck with normal box. Shouldn't really matte, but I wish I had known.

I'll try to edit the hall of fame data in my savefile prior to round 2, should be enough for legit amnesia psyduck retrieval with normal box.

EDIT 3: Erm... seems like amnesia psyduck can only carry gorgeous box, even at round 1, so basically I have the saves. Coupled with the complete one at zophar's (for teaching surf to pikachu) now all saves are available (when I upload mine). I'll probably finish my round 2 save with full hall of fame for a complete R2 with amnesia psyduck retrieval

EDIT 4: Here are the fla savefiles, I'll update the file when I get the round 2 savefile. The one with "151" still has amnesia psyduck for retrieval from the hall of fame, the save before it only misses 2 hall of fame entries.


EDIT 5: @N64 I finally made the Stadium 2 savegame for Farfetch'd and Gliscor, the attached file has the Stadium 1 and 2 savegames in it.


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