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resource [Glitch][Gen IV] Facade and Strength

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Video courtesy of Wooggle Smith, showcasing the Facade glitch :


Every time Facade is used, the sprite of the Pokémon who used the move will go up (or down for some Pokémon) by 1 pixel.

To fix that graphical oversight:

_Go to narc wazaeffect/we.arc (DPPt) or a/0/1/0 (HGSS)

_Go to file 263 (which is the index number of the move Facade)

_Replace all 6 instances of 05 00 05 00 with 04 00 04 00

But that's not all, there's also a glitch with the move Strength which moves the sprite of the Pokémon who used it by 2 pixels to the right.

Again to fix this:

_Go to narc wazaeffect/we.arc (DPPt) or a/0/1/0 (HGSS)

_Go to file 70 (index number of Strength)

_Search for the string 0A000000 05000000 16000000 87070000 8BFFFFFF, and replace the 0A000000 with 08000000.

And that's it, Pokémon sprites won't erroneously shift up/down/right anymore after applying those 2 simple mods.

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