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Can Some1 Plzz Check These Wonderfull Pokes 4 Me .__.


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As The Title Says, I Made Some Pokes From Scratch, But In The Same Time Keeping Them In A Reasonable Stats ,Etc , They Are All Migrated ( Hopefully) , And If Some1 Can Check Them For Me And Tell Me If There Is SomeThing Wrong And How To Fix It, I'll Be More Than Happy And I Also Have Two Question If Some1 Can Answer Them....

1) Is There A Some Kind Of RelationShip Between ID/SID Or Can I Just Put Some Random Numbers There ??

2) In The Eng. Platinum Pokesav I Can't Use The PalPark Edit Button ?? Can You Tell Me Why ??



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Checking your pokemon now.

You can't use the Pal Park button because that feature is not implemented in the Plat version of Pokesav.

Edit: Your three dogs are illegal. Entei's trash bytes are bad, but moreover, the dogs in the Gen III remakes have a bug with their IVs, and they cannot be as high as you have them. They pass legal.exe (excepting entei) but any thorough check would immediately reveal this.

Also, all of your pokemon have a happiness of 0. Although this is possible, pokemon generally have a happiness of 70 when you catch them. As it's easier to raise happiness than reduce it, it would look less suspicious if you put it at least at 70.

Your latios and Rayquaza both have indeterminate Pal Park origins. I don't know what causes this or how to fix it.

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