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help Bad Egg Problem Pokemon HeartGold Pokegen

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Are you opening the save file, editing and setting the Pokémon, then saving the save file?

Is your target game set correctly to HGSS? What edits are you making? Maybe attach the .pkm file?

Target game is a huge issue.

Also on top of that, where did the save come from, or how did you extract the save.

May not be of the correct size.

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I don't have to do any edits to the shinx, just move it to another slot and then it becomes a bad egg.

Also, I just clicked open, opened the .dst file, did the edits and clicked "Save (save file)."

Also, I'm sure that I had the target game set to HG/SS.

I've used the same process of creating Pokemon in the Pokegen as the Shinx and they've all worked, even when the location of the encounter was not possible (except for Shinx). I really hope that HG/SS doesn't see Shinx as illegal just because it's a Sinnoh Pokemon. You CAN obtain a legal Shinx in HG/SS! Try using the Sinnoh sound or going into the Safari Zone!

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