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help Pokegen'd AR Codes causing Error Screen

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Im having an issue with the pokemon I am making in Pokegen. Whenever I create a legal pokemon (having normal stats, ability, moves, and trainer info) and upload it onto a ARDSI via usb it works fine. When using it in the game it simply allows me to open my PC all the way up to move pokemon, when selecting this menu it simply blue screens and tells me an error has occurred. Ive used this method in the past without any issues (2014) but for some reason now it seems to not be working. I have tried using just the one code and many. Also different pokemon without it working.

Ive created pokemon in the pokegen program and also on Pokedits old website using the pokemon maker. Downloading the pokemon and opening them to make the codes also does not work.

This is a Pokemon Black game with a ARDSI, i am using a 3DSXL System to administer the codes and the codes are set to both L and R activation buttons.

Would anyone know the cause to this and maybe have an answer? I have searched the internet and youtube for tutorial videos and information but they all say im doing things spot on.

Here is an example code from pokegen. This is exported using the default select and Black game selected. ive also included a sample of the pkm file it is being pulled from.

94000130 FFFB0000

B2000024 00000000

E0000D20 00000088

D62B0580 77180000

BE8359D9 6430E030

2C49B1E1 0560031A

893BB85F 5AF9E2D8

9FF00246 E71F03BC

80F13857 D1604843

E9992F0E 34C5E90D

34E35A91 5130DC76

14685D2D 95031C64

82AF1250 533C349A



D9527396 06ADDE6A

2449E8B3 59E133CD

99E7D86C F6AAB8C4

32894732 E87C5BC9

E5C73048 FB5E6975

D2000000 00000000

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i had these errors myself

assuming you're running b/w

number 1 reason for crash was the code being coded for b/w 2 instead of original b/w. so make sure you target the right game or you'll get incorrect codes

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