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Pokemon Trade Project guide-making the games more compatable

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So, as a few people on the internet might remember, (it hasn't really reached that many people,) I've been working on formulas that could make Pokemon from, (hopefully in the end,) any part of the franchise where user control exists, at least apprximately, in D/P/Pt.

...So far, I've worked on Pokemon GSC, the TCG, & PMD.

Considering this is not an actual hack, (& probably never will be but if someone changes the coding to implement this as a feature, that's very fine by me,) but just formulas, I see it as very well for Pokesav doing more than just cheating your way through the game, for instance.

So, I posted on the NSider2 Forums a guide to what I've done so far in it, & i thought it would be best that I share it with this forum.

Here's the link: http://nsider.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=494209&st=0&p=8938571entry8938571



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First of all, I assume you posted this here due to the requirement of Pokesav (or a similar save editing program). However, I think this would more closely fit Misc. R&D, and will therefore be moving it there shortly.

Second of all, to be quite frank, your theory doesn't make much sense. I mean, there's not much logic in using 16 as a baseline for IVs for Pokémon coming from Gen I / II. And setting all EVs to 255 would completely invalidate the Pokémon.

Also, just trying different combinations of stats until it "looks right" is not a sound method, nor is picking Pokesav's "default" Nature (Lonely) when something doesn't look right. (Lonely is the "default" because in the game, it is enumerated as the first Nature... just so you know.)

By the way, you should talk to Chase-san about converting from Gen I / II to Gen IV, as he has had some experience in ripping PKMs from the Gen II games.

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Hmmm I don't really like idea making pokes with 31 IVs in everything and 255EV in every stat, because they won't be legal. What if we could make them weaker but legal (legit?). In I and II gen there wasn't competitive battling....

IVs: We could do a simple maths: IV*2-1

Pokemon with 16 IVs in HP would have now 31IVs, 15 - 29, 3-5, 2-3, 1-1 etc.

EVs, pokemon could have 255 EVs in every stat, right? That makes total 1530EVs - we could simply divide it by 3, Pokemon would have now ~510EVs - if there is a digit after comma, then we could cut it.

Thanks to this Pokemon could have legal stats. If pokemon is not at level at 100, we can simply delete its EVs by berries and then train it for a better fighter...

Hmmm now, natures? There are 251 pokes in II gen.... the convertor could give them always the best nature to the Pokemon Specie (for example Gyarados would have always Adamant nature) thanks to this they wouldn't be totally lame :)

What do you think about it? I won't make this, cause i don't know how... maybe some programmer could do this....

EDIT :Of course i'm talking about conversion from II gen to IVth... :P

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