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X/Y/ΩR/αS -- Earthquake Donation Pikachu


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Pokemon: Pikachu

Gender: Random

Level: 10

OT: トウホク

ID: 20163

Ability: Static

Nature: Random


Hold Hands


Play Nice


Item: Sweet Heart.

Pokeball: Heal Ball.

Ribbon: Classic Ribbon.

Location: a lovely place.

Dates: Distribution Start: March 11th 2016, Distribution End: March 31st 2016, Redemption End: April 21st.

Game Distribution: X/Y/ΩR/αS

Distribution Type: Serial Code

Distribution Location: Donation Site

Sources: Donation Site


Project Website


If you donate at least 100 Yen between now and the 31st March you will be given a Serial Code for an event Pikahcu. You can donate on the website listed above if you have a Japanese Yahoo account, a Japanese Yahoo wallet account and a Japanese Credit/Debit card.

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