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Gen III: My Fire Red Save File (All 386, Shiny, Battle Ready, Smogon movesets, Events, etc.)


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Hello everyone!

I don't know if there was any demand for this or if anyone really cared, but I've spent what little free time I had over the past 6-7 months creating this. It's a Fire Red save file you can open/import in any GBA emulator, and it contains every single pokemon, shiny, with legitimate stats, holding every legal ribbon it can own, having perfect IV's/EVs/ with Smogon competitive movesets. Basically anything you can possibly think of, it's on here. All completely "legal" in the sense that it will (should) pass all legality checkers and will transfer over to the newer generations without any red flags. NFE Pokemon like Charmander are level 98 and Charmeleon 99 in case you want to evolve them. For every non-bred Pokemon, I used the relevant PID Finder Method to ensure legitimate PID values for the designated event. I also gave the trainer 999 of every time, max money, etc etc. It took me forever to make this, but I finally finished it and want to share it with the world!

I plan on sharing this via Dropbox to YouTube, but I thought ProjectPokemon should hear about this first, especially if the community might find some use for this in terms of research & development. Here are the files along with a copypasta from the Readme I plan on attaching to the Dropbox:

<attachments below>


"There are too many people who have contributed to this project without my consent.
Kaphotics was an invaluable resource in providing essential information on this endeavor, as well as contributing a slew of .3gpkm Celebi files.cH053n is a user who helped guide me on finding the correct PID values to create what would otherwise be a "legitimate" event Pokemon.
KazoWAR created A-save, the most useful 3rd gen save editor I've found. Other save editors used in this endeavor include Metropolis, Encyclopedia, Ciro's, and Pokestock

I really wish I could thank more people, I'm sorry. But if you've ever submitted a .3gpkm or 3rd gen .pkm file, you are more than likely someone I should thank.

Some things to note:
-Pichu will not transfer over with Surf. It CAN legally learn Surf in Fire Red/RSE, but even legit Pichu's with Surf will be locked into staying in 3rd gen :(
-The Jirachi will not transfer over even though it is legit. This was the Pokemon that took the longest to obtain. In the large folder with the individual .pkm files you will see a non-shiny version of Jirachi that WILL transfer to future gens. That's because even though you CAN get a shiny Jirachi (extremely, extremely rare, and if you see one irl it's probably hacked), Nintendo did not intend for you to have one, lol.
-Ditto is not shiny. That's because it's 6IV. What would you rather have, a shiny Ditto, or a foreign perfect IV one that you can use to breed competitive Pokemon?
-Certain Pokemon are not perfect IV, even though they don't have Hidden Power. That's because HP is a valid option to have on this Pokemon, so I wanted to leave you with the option.
-Some aren't shiny, I know. That's because they're probably from Colosseum or some shit. But I gave them the best stats they could possibly have, though it can't be perfect (if you want it to look legitimate).

-You'll notice that the items are a little disorganized. I tried to give you guys some special stuff, like exclusive non-Fire Red items, Old Sea Map, Mach/Acro bike xD

(PS: The Item Bag + PC can't hold EVERY single item written in the code of the game. So I gave you only the "really good" items.)

-The Party pokemon are a little messed up. That's because they're the exact team that Twitch Plays Pokemon used to beat the Elite Four.
-The last set of 6 Pokemon in Box 14... enjoy :) They're the only ones blatatly hacked.
I gave them 252 EVs in every stat and illegal movesets. They're what you would call "Hackmons".

WHAT THAT MEANS IS THAT THERE IS NO SINGLE SAVE EDITOR THAT YOU CAN USE ON THIS FILE THAT WILL 100% RETAIN EVERY DETAIL I INCORPORATED. A-save has a 510 EV restriction, so if you open this using A-save and re-save, the hackmons won't hae 252 EVs in every stat. Metropolis can't read Japanese text, so if you use it on this save then the Japanese Pokemon will have messed up names."

[Mods: I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, since it does contain many Event files but is obviously more than just events. If you need me to move this or remove it, please let me know and I will be more than happy to oblige.]

Thank you for your time,


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As far as I know, like 99% of these are transferable and even tradable. I don't want to say 100% because I don't think anyone (not even me) has taken the time to officially transfer each and every one of them. And yes, all or most of them should have Pokerus and will either be shiny + every legally possible ribbon OR come from a Gamecube game (I think it's XD?), have those exclusive ribbons, and not be shiny. I only did that for some of them (Spearow I think) because I figured they can learn more competitive moves, or in the case of something like Spearow you already have a shiny Fearow so I thought I'd mix things up.

BTW I also have done this for every other generation game but I didn't want to clog up these forums with my stuff (6 other save generations). I shared Gen 3 since I know a lot of people are still on that, but if any of you guys want me to post the other saves let me know! They have the same routine (shiny, competitive, all ribbons, Pokerus, etc...). Also this is the first time coming back to this thread and I didn't realize people were responding to it so thank you Slayer for moving it and restoring the lost files!

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FYI to anyone looking for legit pokemon, all of these are RNGd using RNG Reporter, or outright generated and it is obvious from the sav file itself (Unlimited money, corrupted names on party pokemon, etc).  For example, shiny faraway island mew (same TID/SID on a japanese cart?) has a frame that is 127 days and some change (frame 659million) which is average for someone who generates a shiny using algorithm alone.  While legal, it is outside of practicality.

Hardly the work of someone who actually played the game.

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