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Need Help...Have a weird glitch happening


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Hello All,

Okay I will get right down to it.

I have found a weird glitch. I have talked to a respected individual on the top of whether this glitch was in the original versions of the game,

and he said it wasnt, so I thought I might ask here (and gbatemp).


This is what I have done.

The mew glitch

The Cinnabar glitch

and no I have not caught missigno.

As you can see from the pic there are two guards in front of the building. One is not supposed to be there.

I have checked to see if the Dr.Fuji's flag was unset by going back to lavender town, but nothing had changed.

Can anyone help me.

Edit: For some reason my pic on tinypic went down, so I had to edit my post. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also if this post is in the wrong area, I apologize.


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Not sure whether this is really a glitch.

Did you retrieve the Silph Scope from beating the Rockets in the Game Corner? After you do this you are supposed to go and rescue Mr. Fuji from the Rockets in Lavender Tower. If you've done all of this and the guard is still there then, I would say the game is being glitchy.

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Yeah I have done all that. I reset my 3ds, and luckily I was reset to a point where this problem never occurred. However I don't know how to solve this problem for the next person who has this issue. Maybe the walk through walls trick will do it.

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