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answered Editing Trainer Battle Portraits in ORAS


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After watching Trainer battles that were custom made by Mixeli on Youtube in ORAS, I wanted to try and see if I can do my own. However its kind of hard to follow due to the lack of tutorials on Gen VI hacking, and its rather unnerving to see that despite X/Y and ORAS being out for awhile now, that there would be tutorials on this sort of stuff given the few Gen VI hacks that are there like Neo X/Y.

Anyway, I just wanted to know where the portraits for the Trainers are when you go into battle, and know how to replace them with custom ones. I can tell that some of the images likely needed to be converted from the game's format to something like PNG and then swap them and convert them back into the format the games will recongize and then rebuild the ROM

I figured I try easy first like editing Trainer Data for battles and the portraits before moving to dialogue editing and eventually model hacking.

So does anyone know exactly how to edit the battle portraits for the Trainers?

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