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Can't import the save file in a Mystery Dungeon Sky cartridge?

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Hi guys! I'm experiecing problems putting the save file in the cartridge. I'm going to explain better: I finally found the save of PMD Sky I was playing on a R4. Now I have an original cartridge of the game and I want to put the save in it. I used the pokedoc savemanager (the lastest version), and the software says that save file of PMD Sky is 64KB. But my save file is 512KB. If I put it in the cartridge, the game says that there's an error. I used Offline Save File Format Converter to change the weight of the save. I tried then to put in the cartridge save files of 256KB, 128KB and 64KB. The name was "POKEDUN SORA.0.sav", and I didn't solve this problem. What I have to do? Thank you :)

Oh, the save file is in Italian (PAL) (and sorry for my bad english, in the case ^^")

Here is the original save file download.

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