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I see in the main post that at the moment they are missing the Italian event for the recenlty relase HA alolan starters. So i decide to finaly contribute. Hope i have extract this correclty since is the first time i have done this. I needed to rename a bit the file becouse all teh file come out from my save file as "0000 - Banca Pokémon.wc7" so for avoide the other one to reset the others i renamed the file.

0000 - Banca Pokémon HA Decidueye.wc7

0000 - Banca Pokémon HA Incineroar.wc7

0000 - Banca Pokémon HA Primarina.wc7

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5 hours ago, Sabresite said:

Thank you! We now only need is German, Japanese and Korean!

Technically the German ones would be the same as English, as German also uses the title Pokemon Bank.
But it'll be nice to have proper confirmation :)


@Sabresite can't use NTR to grab a WC7FULL, since the data is written as WC7 from Bank (not "receive from internet/serial code/local).
However, the data that gets sent to Bank has it's own server, and I've already dumped and uploaded that :)

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