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WC6 editor always shows Random in the gender section (it's a bug), gender in 6th generation events is determined when you download the wondercard, it can't be soft-resetted.

My Pikachu is female and has 25 IVs in HP, the other IVs are random, I will contribute it later or tomorrow ^^

shame as i like to collect both m/f

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If you want you can trade me the event to I check the SID, then I can send it back.

Anyway I've the Gamescom events (bouffalant and Sableye), but the cards are set in french.

Big thanks to Mahrla who has contributed the codes-card !

Bouffalant :

Proof :


Wondercard Title :

Un Frison !

Wondercard Text :

Frison se rue sur le champ de bataille
avec des capacités et un objet
spécialement choisis par Shigeki 
Morimoto, designer en chef des
combats, pour son équipe en 2015 !

Title Translation :

A Bouffalant

Wondercard text translation :

Bouffalant rush on the battlefield
with moves and an item
specially chosen by Shigeki
Morimoto, the chief designer for the battles,
for his team in 2015!

Download : https://1fichier.com/?m7u18ruzt8

Sableye :

Proof :


Wondercard Title :

Un Ténéfix !

Wondercard Text :

Ce Ténéfix fait partie de l'équipe 2015
de Shigeki Morimoto, designer en chef
des combats ! Admirez toute la puissance
de sa Méga-Évolution !

Wondercard Title translation :

 A Sableye !

Wondercard Text translation :

This Sableye take part in the Shigeki Morimoto's team for 2015, who is the chief
designer for the battles ! Be astonished by the power
of his Mega-Evolution!

Download : https://1fichier.com/?s81rjveuxj

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I have an Italian Gamescom2015 Malamar (because I finally won a giveaway LOL), here it is.




It's male and it has 31IVs in HP and Atk.

It seems that this event doesn't register the Wondercard ID in the Received List, is it the same for you @ElseSomeone?

Yup, not in the received list, that's probably mean we can receive this event as long as we have serial code for ?

I've check the wondercard in hexadecimal and she looks like she's classed as repeatable so that's probably like arceus who can be received anytime we want :P

(And I add the italian description on bulbapedia, thanks, she was missing).

Edit : Got Rayquaza OT : Galilée (wondercard), will be uploaded asap (at the same time as pikachu)

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The shiny Rayquaza provided by the Hong Kong to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival

In addition :

Wondercard Title :

A special shiny Rayquaza!

Wondercard Text :

A rare shiny Rayquaza will be
given to you as a gift!

This text is the same in any languages.

The page to get this code was like that :


(Feel free to add this into the bulbapedia page)

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Once again, big thank you to contributors, as well as everyone who adheres to the rules!

Quick update:

1. Updated collected contributions (as well as excel tracker) on first page in the .rar

2. Updated Credits on the first page.

Little reminder:

1. If you're posting (or posted) Wondercards from powersaves, please tell us! Not all users deem them as "legal cards", so while it is good to have them, they need to be indicated

2. Do not beg/ask if anyone has this or that wondercard here

3. When you post an event contribution, do provide a photo of the event location (if any), as well as your screen during receiving!

Nobori did a great job showing the photographs of receiving the wondercard! (example:

[fourth and fifth photo was the best, as those screens ONLY happen when receiving wondercard. last photo with name tag was awesome too]

this will help us identify legal wondercards, and combat the faking of wondercards.

4. Please do open up the Excel file!

Besides easier identification of what files we already have, it can help to show what we don't have!

All the "?" entries represent possible missing entries, and all the red entries are entries that are either in powersaves or legitimacy unverified, which means we need them to turn green; we'll like to catch them all

5. Any discussion regarding events can be taken here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?45329-Gen-VI-Event-FAQ-and-Discussion-Thread

6. Regarding PKX, here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?33180-Pok%E9mon-X-and-Y-PKX-Contribution

Feel free to PM me!

As usual, enjoy your stay here.

Cheers everyone!

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