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Need the SID of a TRADED Pokemon


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Here's the situation:

I accidentally screwed up my Pearl save file and don't have access to an R4 or flashcart. I have a few Pokemon from that save file on a different cart which works. If someone could use Pokesav to figured out the SID from my Pearl cart, I could use My Pokemon Ranch to recover all of the Pokemon on that cart.

Please help, I have almost one of EVERY Pokemon, legitimately, on that cart! :'(

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You seem to be in luck MTPRNG just made an AR code to help out in these kind of occasions:

02000600 61A80C00
02000604 47701C30
1208D3B6 000021A3
1208D3C2 000021A4
1208D3CE 000021A5
1208D3DA 000021A6
1208D3E6 000021A8
1208D3F2 000021A9
1208D3FE 000021A7
1208D368 00002107
1208D374 00002108
0208D37C 1C308328
94000130 FDFF0000
1208D3B6 0000210D
1208D3C2 0000210D
1208D3CE 0000210E
1208D3DA 0000210F
1208D3E6 00002111
1208D3F2 00002112
1208D3FE 00002110
1208D368 00002107
1208D374 00002107
0208D37C F940F773
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FEFF0000
1208D3B6 00002146
1208D3C2 00002146
1208D3CE 00002147
1208D3DA 00002148
1208D3E6 0000214A
1208D3F2 0000214B
1208D3FE 00002149
0208D37C F940F773
1208D368 00002100
1208D374 00002100
0208D37C F940F773
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FCFF0000
1208D3B6 00002113
1208D3C2 00002113
1208D3CE 00002114
1208D3DA 00002115
1208D3E6 00002116
1208D3F2 00002117
1208D3FE 00002118
0208D37C F940F773
1208D368 00002107
1208D374 00002109
0208D37C 1C308328
D2000000 00000000


1.Go to Pokemon Summary screen

2.Hold L or R or L+R button then switch pokemon with UP or Down button.

Hold L = Pokemon Status is replaced by EVs and Exp.Points is replaced by SID

R = Pokemon Status is replaced by IVs , ID.no is Replaced by PID(Low) and Exp.Points is PID(High)

::: PID(low) + ( PID(high) * 65536 ) = PID!

L+R = Pokemon Status is replaced by Contest Stats and Exp.Points is replaced by Happiness


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