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4) The bible does in fact contain quite a large amount of factual historical data. Jesus was a real person, who did real things, but beyond that there is quite a lot of speculation. Many of the events that happened actually did happen, and we even have evidence to support that some of the acclaimed miracles are legitamate; however, the main reason that I choose to take the path of science, is for the simple fact that science attempts to prove its case. A christian who sees something unexplainable will be apt explain it away by saying "God did it". While a scientist will say "Why did that happen." and perhaps he'll try to learn why. With religion there's no pursuit of knowledge, there's just explaining everything away with a magic man in the sky. Science at least makes the effort to explain things, and is willing to accept when it's found wrong. (ie: Big Bang theory is declining, as is Einstein's Theory of Relativity)

I do not hate the morals that Religion intends to instill. Forgiveness, peacefulness, and love of humanity are great things to teach people, but to shun learning in favor of some ultimate divine creator only serves to weaken Humans as a race. Remember, according to the bible, God created Human's stupid, and wanted to keep it that way, but Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and became intelligent. God created Humans to be stupid, and the devil tricked us into being intelligent.

5) Learning forgiveness can be achieved by anyone, you don't have to be a Christian to learn that. In fact, you would probably be better off without. Religion offers a so called paradise in reward for good behavior. Your forgiveness may not actually be sincere if all you care about is getting into heaven. I'm not saying this applies to everyone, but that it's entirely possible that some individuals act this way. The point is Christianity isn't automatically going to make you healthier through forgiveness, as forgiveness and tolerance can be learned by anyone.

6) Death is a cruel, unfortunate, and unavoidable part of our lives. All things must eventually come to an end. I believe you spoke with the message "How can you keep your peace, when you're about to die and go to hell/void" It's quite simple, I have accepted Death as a part of the natural order of things. I don't want to die, but neither will I be suddenly trying to find God in a last ditch effort of salvation should I find myself in a situation where I may die.

7) Almost all religions require belief that their God gave you life and that you must believe and follow that God's 'rules' in order to get into 'heaven'. The only notable exceptions I can think of are polythiesistic religions, which are far less common than Monothiesm.

Here's a couple of interesting points though. Did you know that the Poetic Edda and the Elder Edda (Nordic bible equivlents) which both predate the bible by several thousands of years contain many of the SAME STORIES found in the bible? Heaven, hell, Adam and Eve, the entire concept of Hangings, and the Endtimes were all pioneered by the Norse. In fact, the Cross is a Nordic Symbol as well, used to represent the world tree Yggdrasil.

Lastly is a short quote, the author of whom I have forgotton.

If God is willing to smite Evil, but not able,

Then he is not Omnipotent

If God is able to smite Evil, but not willing,

Then he is Malevolent

If God is both able and willing to smite Evil,

Then whence from does Evil come?

and if God is neither able nor willing to smite Evil,

why call him God?

I've yet to get a reasonable response to this quote.

My final point, is on what the Bible claims heaven is. Essentially, it is a place where you forget your family, you forget your friends, you lose everything that you had ever loved, and instead you know only God, you love only God, and you think only God, and reach an absolute Euphoria for being allowed to exist in his splendor. Call me crazy, but that doesn't exactly sound enticing.

Anyone who cares about individuality in the least, would hate this concept. You are stripped of everything you are for the sake of 'eternal happiness'

4. The Bible says what happened: God created the heavens and the earth.

Science says how something happened, whithout knowing what: Nothingness exploded and there was something.

They seem to compliment each other; however, you must know what happened in order to know how it happened.

God created us intelligent, and without a sin nature. Without that we didn't know evil. When Eve ate the fruit, she sinned, and then learned evil.

5. Heaven is only for the righteous - those who have never sinned. And everyone has sinned (besides Jesus). Therefore no one can enter heaven. God/Jesus didn't like this, so he gave us his righteousness so we could enter heaven. He forgave our sins so we could live (because the punishment for any sin is death), and commands us to forgive others in the same way.

6. What do you think happens to your soul after death? Does it go somewhere? Or does it simply blink out of existance, without another thought. Ever. What if hell is real and you are subject to eternal torment? You don't know. So what do you think when you are dying a slow, painful death? Do you have any solice? Do you fear death? Or are you apathetic at your lack of knowledge?

7. I'm not going to talk about polytheistic religions unless anyone here believes in more than one god. The current debate is whether God exists. The only God.

If multiple sources say the same thing about Adam and Eve (Judism, Christianity, Islam, and the nordic bible equivilants you mentioned), then it has a greater chance of being true, doesn't it?

As for your quote, od is able to smite evil, and will, but wants people to choose to turn to him. He wants a relationship with us, his creations. If he removed evil or even freewill, then it would be forced love. And forced love is rape. My God doesn't want to rape his creations......

The alternative to worshipping your creator in a world full of spiritual joy is what? Death. Not only that, but eternal torment and separation from everyone. Compared to heaven, earth itself is hell, because heaven is that great. Now tell me, would you really take hell instead of heaven?

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i have never belived in judging a person not just by what group they are in or race or whatever but what they have done. Sometimes some people are just weird and you dont know what they are like and theyre backround.Most of the people who give islams a bad rap are just crazy people that HAPPEN to be islam nuff said.

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