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Regarding RNG Abuse

Delta Blast Burn

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As far as I know I'm pretty sure there is no RNG in the original G/S/C games.

Having no RNG would mean that all Pokemon would have had the same IVs and that isn't true.

Then how can I Pseudo-gaurantee a female totodile with max att, spe IVs.

Soft resetting for a female Totodile as starter, or simply breed and pray that the RNG feels kind. That's about all you can do. As far as I know, nobody researched the random number generator for RBY/GSC.

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I mean that you just have to breed normally until you hit the max IVs for Gen II: 15. If you get 15 IVs in Attack and Speed, you're basically done.

However, if your max Attack and Speed Totodile has ended up male, you'll have to continue breeding, but use the newly bred Totodile as a parent to ensure that the hopefully female offspring has 15 Atk and Speed IVs as well.

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In GSC the gender is based on the atkIV, so having a female with a 15 IV in GSC is impossible unless its a female only species (like jigglypuff).

It looks a bit like this...

 X  MALE  1:7   1:3   1:1   3:1  FEMALE RATIO
 0   M     F     F     F     F     F     
 1   M     F     F     F     F     F     
 2   M     M     F     F     F     F     
 3   M     M     F     F     F     F     
 4   M     M     F     F     F     F     
 5   M     M     M     F     F     F     
 6   M     M     M     F     F     F     
 7   M     M     M     M     F     F     
 8   M     M     M     M     F     F     
 9   M     M     M     M     F     F     
10   M     M     M     M     F     F     
11   M     M     M     M     F     F     
12   M     M     M     M     M     F     
13   M     M     M     M     M     F     
14   M     M     M     M     M     F     
15   M     M     M     M     M     F     

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